COVID-Era Congestion Tracker

Explore how congestion in San Francisco has changed since the March 2020 shelter-in-place order. Explore automobile (1) Level-of-Service (LOS) and (2) speed changes relative to pre-COVID conditions on key segments in our transportation network.
The LOS are calculated using speed data from INRIX Roadway Analytics. Speeds are weekly averages calculated using data from Tuesday through Thursday of each week. The data are updated every one to two weeks.
  • Auto Level-of-Service (LOS) grades road segments by vehicle delay with "A" describing free flow, and "F" describing bumper-to-bumper conditions.
  • Speed Change Relative to Pre-COVID shows the percent difference between average speed of a segment and the speed under pre-COVID conditions (from the week of 3rd March 2020). Lower and negative values imply that speeds have droppped back to pre-COVID levels.

How to use this map

  • Move the week slider to update map with data from chosen week.
  • Choose time period to update map for AM (7a-9a) or PM (4:30p-6:30p) peak.
  • Click on a roadway segment on the map to see segment-specific trends.